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How to Get Verified on Google My Business in Dubai”

If you’re a business owner in Dubai, getting verified on Google My Business (GMB) can be a great way to increase your visibility and reach more customers online. But what exactly does it mean to be verified on GMB, and how can you go about getting verified?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. When you create a GMB listing, you’ll be asked to verify your business. This is the process of proving to Google that you’re the owner or authorized representative of the business.

There are a few different ways to verify your GMB listing, depending on the type of business you have. The most common methods of verification are:

  • Phone verification: Google will call your business and give you a verification code to enter on your GMB listing.
  • Email verification: Google will send a verification code to the email address associated with your GMB listing.
  • Postcard verification: Google will mail a verification postcard to your business address, which will include a verification code to enter on your GMB listing.

Once you’ve completed the verification process, your GMB listing will be live and visible to customers. You’ll be able to add important information about your business, such as your hours of operation, contact information, and photos. This will make it easy for potential customers to find you online.

It’s important to note that the verification process can take several days to complete, so be patient and make sure you’ve provided accurate information. Also, you’ll need to make sure that your business address is visible and accessible, as well as that the phone number is working and reachable during the business hours.

In conclusion, getting verified on Google My Business is an important step for businesses in Dubai looking to increase their visibility and reach more customers online. It’s a simple process, but it takes time, so make sure you provide accurate information and be patient. Pula Media, a digital marketing agency based in Dubai, can also help you with your Google My Business verification and management as part of our services.

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